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Alvaro Negrello born in  Locarno, Switzerland in 1965.
Start his carrier working with Peter Hiltebrand, in Switzerland, from 1987 to 1992.

Since 1993 founded his own atelier in Porto, Portugal.

alvaronegrello, performs models in different materials such as wood, plywood, mdf, acrylic, pvc, forex, fiberglass, metal and others. In addition to the traditional techniques of construction and assembly of materials, we seeks to be in step with new technologies. Laser cutting, water jet, cnc milling, casting, photo eatching, are some of the techniques used to carry out the work.


Laurent Scanga
Paul Humbert
Simone Giostra
Guido Giangregorio
Michele Gigante
Toni Vasconcelos
Roberto Ragazzi
Patrick Tisseyre
Johannes Fritsch
Matthias Heskamp

Wolfgang von Reitzenstein
Mateus Porto Schettino
Israel Pimenta
Veronica Citi
Edulo Lins
Filipe Nogueira
Tiago Roxo
Manuel Vieira Lopes
Emanuele Moro

Attilio Fiumarella
Luís Ribeiro


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